There are several techniques you can use to generate small business ideas. You can search for market ideas, after all, the modern business paradigm is that everything must be market-driven.

Market penetration ideas

This basically requires that you think of ways in which you can increase the use of existing products/services by existing customers or gain market share from competitors. You can also look for the latest small business ideas for teens via

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This means selling a greater number of products/services that are in the existing market. This is a low-risk category because many factors are known to make a business successful.

Ideas for market diversification

It consists of finding new markets for existing products/services. You may want to consider a different geographic market (including exports or internet marketing) or target a new class of customers (such as selling news magazines in a youth market). 

Because of the available knowledge about existing products or services, these ideas involve only medium risk.

Ideas for diversifying products and services

You can envision a new product or service for an existing market. This can be a completely new product or an upgrade from an existing one. Since the product/service have relatively little experience, the risk is greater.

Innovative ideas

This means developing a completely new product or service for an underdeveloped market. There is a high level of risk involved in doing this, but if done right it can yield high rewards.