Rats are the last thing you want to see on your dining table or cupboard in your home. Don't you hate it when you see someone eating at your table? Rats are nasty dangerous creatures that can pose a threat to your health and belongings. 

Getting rid of them is every homeowner's goal. Did you know that rats have poor eyesight? You can also hire the professional rat control in Sydney via the web.

Rodent Control Service

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If you want to track and catch a rat, make sure you don't give him stale food or something he doesn't like. It's hard to believe, but mice have different tastes too. 

They are also very careful, which means they have to drag and consume food elsewhere. Rats have a keen sense of smell for food, so the smell of any bait can easily be used to make it more attractive to them.

A great way to catch mice is to use a wooden trap. This is the kind we always see in cartoons and movies. Not many people use this type of trap because it can only catch one mouse at a time, and there are also those who consider this trap low on the human scale because it will kill the animal painfully. 

If you are on the soft side, you can use an adhesive plate instead. They are made of wood or cardboard and coated with very sticky glue. When a mouse walks on it, it bites.