Divorce is never fun. To complicate emotional turmoil, consider the impact of divorce, which is often the result of fear or anger on one or both parties. Regardless of the issues leading up to the breakup, be it infidelity, financial problems, substance abuse, or any other situation that could raise suspicion, a couple who chooses to dissolve the marriage through mediation will find it much cheaper than the whole case to be submitted to court.

People often ask about do-it-yourself divorce. This can force you to go to court to fix a mistake or solve a problem you didn't expect. When that happens, “cheap” divorces suddenly become much more expensive. You can now hire mediators to help resolve complex issues during challenging times.

Save Money in Divorce 8 Tips From a Divorce Attorney

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In most divorce mediations, you pay for each session during the session. You then pay for the court documents that will be created before each document is created. Some mediators require a small holder upfront to cover costs incurred between meetings. This acts as a deferral plan so that the parties can proceed with the divorce at the same pace as their finances. 

For example, some states, after making all their decisions, decide to wait a month or two before paying to prepare for an MSA. As a rule, each party pays half of the mediation fee. However, there are also many instances where one party agrees to pay all or a larger percentage of the fee. 

If you are going through divorce proceedings or are considering divorce proceedings, you owe it to yourself, your husband, and your children to consider mediation. You'll save money and stress, and move the process at your own pace so you can continue to enjoy your new life.