Mobility sufferers have a number of issues with sores and pain from pressure points all over the body. Patients that are forced to sit for long periods seek solutions to protecting those pressure points and alleviate fears of developing sores.

An Inflatable Rubber Ring Cushion can prevent sores and also assist with the healing of existing pains and complaints. The lightweight nature of an inflatable ring seat means that it is perfect for transportation in and out of the home. The rubber material of the cushion also makes it easy to wipe clean after usage.

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Although most mobility sufferers appreciate sitting down and feeling comfortable, sitting can be an almost impossible task. Especially patients suffering from conditions such as post-operative trauma and haemorrhoids which makes sitting an excruciating experience. As a result, mobility specialists in Collins Care provide a Nodular Ring Cushion made of nodular foam, designed so that the air can circulate freely and take pressure and pain away from the sensitive areas. The Nodular Ring Cushion is discrete and portable to help sufferers avoid embarrassment or awkwardness both at home and in public.

In a similar vein, the Harley Designer Ring Cushion also works to counteract the pain and embarrassment caused by personal illnesses. This accommodating cushion is made from moulded Visco elastic memory foam for increased comfort. The memory foam ring moulds itself to the contours of the patient's body, giving a uniform level of support and is a popular choice amongst many mobility suffers.