Do you like perfume? Do you like to play around with your perfume options once in a while? Do you have a perfume line to suit your mood and visit? Choosing the right perfume for every occasion can be very expensive.

However, since you need to exude different personalities depending on the occasion, you should have at least have a oriental scent in your perfume cabinet. Buying and using perfume is like buying and wearing clothes that suit your mood and occasion.

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Experts believe that perfume is influenced by many factors, such as:

o Personal factors – health, mood, and medication – health, including pH balance, hormonal changes, medications affect skin chemistry. Even the inherent mood swings in a woman affect her skin chemistry, so the choice of perfume may vary depending on these factors.

o Weather – Cold Weather or Hot Weather – Cold weather enhances the scent of your perfume. In cold weather, it is advisable to opt for a lighter scent but use it more often to keep your scent good throughout the day or event, depending on the circumstances.

Occasion – There are times when you want to look as elegant as possible and therefore your perfume has to go along with it. For cases when you want to feel light and warm, you can opt for lighter fragrances.