Hundreds of fountain pumps and pond pumps are available in the market today. They offer a water park enthusiast wide range of pumps for all kinds of fountains and ponds and is designed specifically for that purpose. They also vary greatly in price and energy usage.

When considering the purchase of a pump is very important that you evaluate the pump in terms of head and capacity. You can also get best water feature pumps online.

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Head is the distance the water must travel to the top and the capacity of the amount of water the pump will circulate every hour (GPH-Gallon Per Hour).

First, let's consider a small indoor fountain; a table fountain. A very small pump is all you need. No head in the fountain table and GPH of 30 gallons per hour will provide you with more than enough water flow.

Outside the fountain and small pond is a different story. As you would imagine more of these factors will come into play when you have ahead of water features and/or requirements of the GPH.

If you have a tiered fountain that is 4 feet tall you will need a pump that has ahead more than 4 feet; this will push the water up and out of the fountain.

The head should be creating a stream that will provide a level fountain cascading effect that you want and recirculate the water at the right time.

For best pump performance to choose a pump that will provide you with a little more power than you'll need; You always can restrict the flow if necessary.