You have bought the most gorgeous tiles and are all set to get the floor of your dreams. Pause and count to ten. Getting the floor tiles installed correctly is as important as choosing the right tile, because a shoddy job can mar the beauty of your very expensive tiles.

Premium-quality tiles, along with correct application techniques and good workmanship, create floors that last. A good tile contractor is essential to ensure that the installation is done smoothly and skillfully. You can search for specialist floor tilers in Perth through to help you with your tiling project.

Here are some tips about things to look out for.

1. Check the tiles

Before the tile installation starts, check the tiles for any kind of damage, discolouration or shade difference. Change the defective tiles immediately. Make sure that the contractor handles the tiles carefully to avoid any kind of damage. Additionally, keep one or two boxes of spare tiles in stock after the installation of the flooring, so that if there is any damage in the future, you have the exact tiles for replacement.

2. Ensure proper surface preparation

Have the floor repaired and levelled to achieve a smooth surface for sticking on the tiles. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and dust-free. There should be no loose material (like hardened cement granules) around.

Get the walls chipped up to a height of 4-6 inches from the floor for installing the skirting tiles.

3. Decide on the floor pattern

If you plan to mix and match two or three types of tiles, it is essential to prepare the tiling layout on paper. Let the tiling contractor plan the layout of these tiles beforehand so as to avoid mistakes during the final tile installation. When installing tiles of a uniform design – for example, when you are laying the same kind of vitrified tiles throughout the home – make sure that the contractor lays the tiles in such a way that a minimum of tiles are cut and wasted.