Osteopaths work alone and do not usually work with doctors, although many family doctors recommend their patients to them. In fact, there is an attempt to create a state register of osteopaths so that they are equal in status to doctors and dentists. So you can simply contact to therapy center like Marlborough House Therapy Centre that provide different natural treatment and therapies to recover patients.

Cranial osteopathy, or craniosacral therapy, as it is also known, is a special form of manipulation of the skull bones. It was developed at the beginning of this century by a student of Dr. Andrew Steele, a man named Dr. William Garner Sutherland. Sutherland discovered that the skull bones were not fixed, but could move easily.

Although these movements are small, people can be trained to recognize them with their hands. Cranial osteopaths believe that correcting the position of bones that may have shifted due to injury or even childbirth can make positive changes to health.

This type of work is very different from normal osteopathy, in that it is just a gentle posture – without any manipulation. Therapists are trained to hold their heads and feel the pulse of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and spine – therapists claim to find all information about the state of the body and even feel bowel movements as they would just hold your head! Cranial osteopaths still treat all other parts of the body, but they tend to specialize in head injuries. 

Many symptoms can be affected by the readjustment of the bones in the skull that has been deformed by the birth process. This therapy is especially effective for infants or toddlers who seem to respond very well to this beneficial form of treatment.

Cranial osteopathy is the claim of its supporters that it is suitable for various forms of the disease, especially complex ones that have various symptoms such as ME, indigestion, and menstrual cramps in women.

Osteopaths who have been trained in cranial osteopathy with the Cranial Osteopathic Association have the letters MCrOA after their name. Many unskilled people also practice craniosacral therapy, and although many of them are excellent natural healers and therapists, it's worth checking their qualifications before making an appointment.