If you are like most organizations, your resources are already being used to manage existing data, even though the proposed on-board portal is hosted. If the employee's first day points A and productivity on the current company intranet is point B, setting up an on-board portal on the same platform from point B is the best option.

At a recent technology fair, an informal demonstration of about 200 people indicated that about 80% of attendees had an enterprise operations portal built online process. You can choose the upgraded new hire onboarding software from https://www.ova.work/ for making the hiring process easy for HRs. 

You may also have an employee self-service portal that your HR provider may provide. If it was as flexible as the onboard process, it would make more sense for you to deploy your embedded portal there. 

Let's start by setting goals for a typical inclusion portal. From there, we'll add some of our own goals and discuss how this process can be used to achieve those goals. A typical onboard portal offers the following functions:

· Congratulate new employees with messages from the company president and other relevant managers and executives.

Provide a place for new employees to complete tasks such as New-hire documents and performance forms.

· Introducing new employees to their new company and its culture.

· Introducing new hires to teammates and co-workers.

· Introduce new employees to their new roles, projects, and jobs.

Provide new employees with a library of documents and resources for the company.