There is a lot of mystery surrounding Ninja Training. Ninja Training was obscured in part due to the massive amount of attention Hollywood gave to this art form during the Ninja trend in the 1980s. Unfortunately, the majority of depictions on the screen do not have real authenticity, and according to one cynic "are mostly stuntmen dressed in black suits performing King-Fu".

The fundamental element of Ninjutsu combat practices is the technique of Taijutsu which is "skill by using your physique" which is also known as "body art". To learn this type of stunt or artform you can visit

The majority of students begin by learning their body's natural responses as well as balance and coordination before moving on to applying these skills using more tactical techniques. A beginner's program is not completed without understanding the concept and practice of falling, diving or rolling, and breaking a fall.

The majority of Popular Martial Arts attempt to mold the student's natural movements into a standard and standardized technique for executing moves regardless of how comfortable and effective the movements and positions are. It is evident in numerous traditional Japanese Dojos. Taijutsu is different in that it aims to help a student develop his natural talents by building power, endurance, and flexibility within the body.

Body dynamics are a major element in Ninja Training, the aim of which is to utilize all of your body to be an instrument. The stance used in fighting as an example is always an indication of the location and range of the opponent. As a result, in this way, the focus is less on a formal, pre-determined posture.