Contact Law can help a client decide the best course of action. If they are ready to move forward with a solicitor, they will refer them to one or more of their recommended lawyers that match your needs.

Your recommended employment lawyer will contact you that day. Do you want to find out if you will need an employment solicitor?

You won't find all the bells and whistles here. If you are looking for the best solicitors, you can search lawyers near me over the web.

How does Contact Law work?

Contact Law, one of the largest law firms, offers a referral model that allows consumers to choose from. Nearly 10,000 people are helped each month by them to find the right solicitor for them.

There are 25 trained, dedicated case handlers based in Bexleyheath. Each person who inquires about their situation speaks to a case handler.

Contact law has a referral agreement. All law firms sign a service level agreement to ensure that their clients receive the best possible customer service. Contact Law will keep in touch with clients on a regular basis to make sure you are satisfied with the solicitor they refer.

Contact law collects feedback from consumers to determine which law firms are satisfied and make a genuine recommendation to them.