Public accounting professionals and those in private industry have to be well-versed in a variety of subjects to do their job effectively. There are many continuing professional education courses that can cover all areas of accounting. This article will outline some courses that can be used to earn CPE credit and will assist professionals in enhancing their Microsoft Excel skills.

Everybody who works in business, and especially in accounting, understand the importance of Microsoft Excel in their day-to-day operations. Excel is essential for accounting. It's hard to imagine what accounting would be like without it! CPAs have many Excel CPE courses that can help them improve their Excel skills and acquire new ones to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. There are so many options available to join Microsoft excel CPE classes online from

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Basic Skills Courses

These courses are designed to help beginners learn Excel and make it easier to use. These courses are perfect for new users or to refresh an existing user.

  • How to format numbers in a spreadsheet

  • How to use the columns and rows to make them work best.

  • How to copy and paste formulas

  • How to use keyboard shortcuts

Building Efficiency Through Shortcuts

These courses are focused on increasing efficiency. These courses are perfect for new users or to refresh an existing user.

  • Create user-specific keyboard shortcuts

  • Effectively sorting and totaling data

  • Workbooks that can be customized by the user

  • To streamline your tasks, use the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Use these must-know tips, tricks, and tools to get the job done.