So, what's the best place to buy a Messenger Bot? I tried using a website for the best prices (not that I'm qualified to recommend one), but I couldn't find anything to compare: it seemed so limited!

Buying is easy. You just need to purchase the software and you're done. But what about using it?

The Facebook Chatbot concept sounds great – send out short messages to friends or colleagues to let them know you are busy. You can make money with it – but is it any good? I've tried it and I'll share my experience in this article.

What is a Messenger Bot? A Messenger Bot is a program which uses human language and interactions to direct and personalize emails and chat messages. It also takes instructions from your computer (via the internet) and follows them through your conversations. While some people have called this a spammer, it's actually a way to provide online, personalized, personal service to people – offering virtual support when they need it most.

OK, let's get down to business – it works, but what is it like using a Messenger Bot? Here's what I learned…

Messages In order to use a Messenger Bot, you need to first set up an account (either by buying it or with a web-based registration), and then fill in a person's email address. What then happens is simple: when you see a friend you want to contact, simply send them a message and their bot will take care of the rest. If they receive your message, it will automatically reply and close the conversation, allowing you to move on to your next friend.

Messages And From What Message? From what message does the Messenger Bot run and what instructions do itfollow?

The response "The chat has ended" allows you to jump right into a conversation. There are other responses: open, net, send, message, tag, follow, etc. All work very much the same, though. The only difference is that kind of response it actually gives.

Chat topics are a special kind of messages that are used to start a new chat. They may vary from: job applications, asking friends where they live, to asking people to share their names for a friendship profile (this is used by Messenger Bots, of course).

Actions The second type of message a Bot sends actions. Actions are commands that tell a bot what to do next. They are also separated into: basic, actions given, chat settings, private messages, and chat URLs.

Chats are a collection of several chats which are all using the same topic. So, for example, say you have a friend, A, who lives in Texas. In a chat, you could have several chats going on: one called Texas, and one called LA, and another called Georgia. Each chart contains one or more users – in other words, chats.

If you're a beginner, try this software applications before spending money on it. Since, this is a great way to be able to use the online chat programs and a great idea to develop your skills. And, the best part is: you can use it online!