In every interaction coaching, you have to experience rapid value. You also should expect the process to be a very positive development. That is, the leadership training in Houston is to build on your strengths and help you stay connected emotionally with the best results when you are working to close the gap or move hurdles.

In terms of tangible benefits, over the years there have been multiple ROI studies on the value of coaching. One study conducted by LLC, MetrixGlobal, found the return on Investment of coaching calculated to exceed 500%.

Other industry studies show the percentage of clients reported specific benefits of the topics in the following areas:

· Low levels of stress: 57.1%

· Confidence: 52.4%

· Self-discovery: 52.9%

· More balanced life: 60.5%

· Setting goals is better: 62.4%

· Self-awareness: 67.6%

· Improved quality of life: 43.3%

· Improved communication skills: 39.5%

· Health or fitness improvement: 33.8%

· Completed Projects: 35.7%

· Better family relationship (s): 33.3%

How long?

This, of course, depends on the client's development agenda. However, studies from the International Coach Federation (ICF) shows that 85% of customers live with their mentor for at least 2 months and most of the customers remain in training for more than 6 months. Some clients never leave.