There isn't a single construction site or field where you cannot see the cranes busy at its work. This simple, compact yet powerful equipment proves to be a vital component in the construction site. Many people choose Kobelco first, the reason behind this is its size and it can be used in any type of construction field.

It is generally used for digging, demolition and to carry and dump construction waste materials from the construction sites. It is more powerful, easily maneuvered, and is quicker in its function.

Due to these qualities and the increase in the infrastructure, Kobelco cranes have been in demand in New Zealand for the past few years. Many companies do not still know the benefits of buying or hiring the compact cranes for their construction.

The lack of knowledge about this useful piece of equipment often leads to the spending and purchasing of huge equipment which often cannot come to use in many areas of the construction field.

There is no need for specialized training required to run this machine. Following the instruction manual would suffice. If there are doubts regarding the applications, the dealers of the heavy equipment can be contacted.  

It can move around easily in small spaces and tight locations which would be impossible for the large construction equipment.