Time is rapidly changing, from conventional methods to those of revolutionary methods evolved with the shift in technology. We are now living in an age where technology is regarded as a game of chess and we all playing the role of chessman. The one who knows how to gambit is the victor.

In simple words, it means that people and organizations who do know how to take maximum advantage of technology are real heroes. Using something in its appropriate form to reap as much as possible is also an art but there are a few artists.

As this is a modern world of technology, there will also be some glitches or threats involved. As an organization, you may not have control over the security threats and breaches but you may have over your cybersecurity strategy. Your approach or strategy towards cybersecurity must be a risk-based approach. You also need to hire the best cybersecurity consultant.

EY study finds more than half of APAC businesses vulnerable to cyber  security riskss - 24HTECH.ASIA

Why? Because a risk-based approach to cybersecurity means that your security team’s top-notch priority is to reduce the likelihood and vulnerability of your organization in the event of a cyber attack. The risk-based approach starts with understanding the crucial and complex data of your business, who may want to destroy the data, and how they can do it.

After you successfully develop a risk-based approach to tackle your security threats then refer to any independent software testing company for its services, if your in-house team of testers is not capable but be sure to develop a risk-based approach first.