Only lab diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free. Naturally mined diamonds are from the devastated regions of Africa and can cause massive destruction of the soil as well as other resources.

The local population is also left with no clean drinking water. Furthermore, diamonds play significant roles in financing conflicts and violations of human rights. Therefore you can purchase lab grown diamonds through in order to save humanity and environment.

A natural diamond has a surface hardness of ten A high-quality synthetic diamond has an outer hardness of 9.5. Both must have the required sharpness that allows them to cut glass.

Synthetic and natural diamonds possess an index refractive index of 2.42 which makes them more difficult to distinguish from each other. This measurement allows you to know how much light is scattered through the diamond.

Did you have any idea? Lab diamonds can be cut with a hand as well as mined diamonds, which are cut according to costs. This makes synthetic diamonds an ideal choice of stones. It takes a lot of time and effort to make them the perfect choice for the client.

The natural and lab-grown diamonds should be polished using diamond powder because it can do wonders to make them look stunning and authentic.

There's no doubt about it that diamonds grown in labs are the best option for people looking for an ethical and green stone that is priced and as real as an actual diamond. The greatest benefit of the man-made diamond is it is that it can be set in nearly any setting, including sterling silver or 24 karats gold and white gold. They always look stunning and make the look of your jewelry even more stunning.