Genetic testing consists of a series of tests on DNA samples taken from hair, blood, saliva, amniotic fluid and other tissues. Several hundred inheritance tests are currently in use and are still being developed.


These are different areas where genetic Test in Ireland  plays an important role:

• To determine the probability of an unborn child inheriting a hereditary disease.

DNA test

• To check whether the person has the disease and whether they can pass the inherited disease to their offspring.

• Genetic tests for fetal screening are available to detect possible disease.

• There are various diseases in our body whose symptoms are not visible from the outside. Such hidden disorders can be detected by DNA testing and treatment can be easily determined.

Genetic testing can sometimes surprise you and lead you to more questions. You should consult and work with health professionals and genetic counselors. Sometimes genetic screening can be performed on large numbers of people to identify those at high risk for certain diseases.The technology behind decoding DNA has been around for years, but it's worth the benefits we can reap from it today. A person's DNA profile is a unique code that cannot be cracked or changed, so it is the most effective way to identify an individual.