There seems to be concern among marketing managers about direct-mail marketing. Perhaps there is truth in that statement. Of course, the cost of securities has increased in recent years.

Effective marketing is of course all about reaching the right prospects with the right message and get maximum results for ad dollars. In the past, direct mail marketing has become one of the cheapest and most effective methods to deliver the message to the public.

Research has shown that in recent years the response rate has dropped dramatically due to over-saturation. You can check this out to know about printing and mailing companies. 

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A letter recognized what is clearly separated from the request and did not even open or read.

Generally, postcards are more effective than letters because they are cheaper than a letter. They also commanded the attention to "flash" elements and no conscience tried to open the envelope required.

On the other hand, postcards are impersonal and do not usually thoroughly convey official and exclusive sales messages. When the recipient receives the postcard, it clearly is not a personal invitation masses. An envelope with a return address of the recipient each considered a professional organization may get more "when it opened" attention.

So how do you make it open? One method is to provide something of real value in the envelope and saw it in front of the envelope.

A large insurance company that sends hundreds of thousands per month cover letter is considering canceling their direct mail campaigns because they have produced levels of lead that have declined in recent years.