Cricket World Cup 2015 which is the 11th World Cup, will be held in Australia and New Zealand. The matches in Cricket World Cup 2015 will comprise of 50 over one-day matches with Round Robin knock out format.

The 50 over format was not acceptable to certain nations but the team participating has the final decision. The Cricket World Cup 2015 brings lots of nations together into a cohesive group the history beginning in 1975 when the Prudential Cup was embossed on the trophy cup. You can get more information about cricket world cup match online.

cricket world cup match

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The Cricket World Cup 2015 venues have been narrowed down to 7 cities in Australia and 7 in New Zealand. Considering the location of the venue the official mascot of the Games will be either the kangaroo or the kiwi. The official mascot of the World Cup Cricket 2015 has yet to be announced.

The logo will be in yellow and black color and in a different form. The Cricket World Cup 2015 theme arrangements will be compiled by leading artists from the host nation and renowned singers will be contributing to make the theme song a roaring success.

Australia play host to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for the second time as the 10and the Test member teams have only been retained. The ICC has announced that Associate countries will no longer participate in the 50 over the tournament and these teams will have to play on the Twenty20 World Cup.