WordPress is an established Content Management System that has been used for blogs and websites for over 10 years. WordPress is used by many Non-Profit Organizations and Social Organizations to create their online presence. This article will explain why WordPress is the best choice for NGOs, Non-Profits, and Social Service Groups.

It's quick and easy, and it's free

WordPress' main advantage is its open-source nature and freedom of use. There are no license fees, upgrade fees, hidden costs, or commissions. For small and medium-sized organizations, this could mean a savings of up to $500 per annum. You can browse SitesbySara to find info about WordPress maintenance agencies.

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WordPress makes it easy to save money on hiring a programmer or designer by providing a wide range of templates and themes that can be easily integrated into your website.

Facilitating donations and income-building

Social Service Organizations are largely funded by donations, or they have a revenue model to generate additional income. WordPress makes it easy to integrate Payment Gateways. These will allow you to accept donations via Card, Bank Transfer or Online Transfer.

Plugins make it easy

WordPress plugins allow even laymen to add additional functionality to their website. Plugins make it easy to integrate ready-made apps that perform various functions. This makes the website more useful.

WordPress is an ideal platform for NGOs, with its low startup costs and affordable recurring maintenance fees.