We all know that hiring an expert contractor in any field is an incredibly stressful experience. We've all heard stories of fly-by-night roofers who claimed to be specialists in their fields. However, their final product ended up being an absolute nightmare. 

This is a scenario that often happens in the life of decent people who make a poor choice in selecting a roofing contractor. This article is designed to protect you to avoid being caught in the exact traps we have witnessed others fall into.

Here are some amazing facts regarding roofing contractors:

Over 80% of roofing companies go out of their business within two years after the time they open their doors.

A majority of roofing firms that continue to operate beyond the 2nd year do not even make it to the fifth year of operation.

The industry of roofing is filled by roofing contractors that provide roofing services through their second or even 3 3rdbusiness.

It means that many homeowners do not have the benefit of a labor warranty on their roof. In the event that their roof was installed incorrectly, there's no one accountable to correct it.

These facts aren't meant to make you feel sick and to draw you to think about the fight that every homeowner and business must face when selecting the right roofing contractor. Know-how is the most effective weapon in the hiring process. Making a hasty decision about the right contractor can lead to regret and may cause you to lose thousands.