Finding ideas for your short story can seem frustrating because you want to tell a story that is set apart from other creative writers. It takes a solid writer to create a short story that captivates readers and enthralls the minds from beginning to end. What's great about writing is that the muse can come from a variety of sources. You can find the best motivational short stories ideas via

The writer must simply be prepared to remember what they've seen or heard and allow this prompt to guide their story. It is also important to never press yourself to generate ideas. Here are ideal and creative ways to create interesting short story ideas.

1. Interview interesting people who would inspire your story. The experiences of the people who we come into contact with day-to-day involve unique and realistic characters, settings, and scenarios. Ask your family or friends if they would be comfortable with talking with you about life and any funny, peculiar, or appealing tales that would inspire short stories.

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2. Keep a notepad with you at all times. Inspiration strikes at various moments in our lives while we are at work or school, waiting at the dentist, dining at a restaurant, or even in the middle of the night. Be prepared to note down those ideas to avoid losing them.

3. Peruse the newspapers, television, and magazines. Stories are told through these media outlets on a daily basis. So many outstanding ideas can be found to be a muse for your short story that can range from themes of love, drama, conflict, and even comedy.

4. Allow photographs to stir your creative juices. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words as many have said. Let a photo speak to you and ask yourself questions about the person or setting. The visuals can be potent prompts to your psyche.

5. Listen to the stories of the people that surround you. Sometimes, while standing at the produce section, browsing through clothing racks, or at someone's house, we come across conversations that really make our eyebrows draw up in awe. Finding inspiration is never as complex as a person may think.