The selection of the correct nozzle or fountain jet for large-scale installations can be quite difficult as the final result depends on the pump being used and the diameter and height of the fountain. The extensive assortment of OASE nozzles we provide are priced differently based on the complexity of the task you wish for OASE fountain jets to do.

The selection of nozzles for garden ponds is simple because standard nozzles can be made to fit various fountains and pumps. The most common fountain designs are bubble jets or three-tier fountains. You can also buy the right fountain jets and nozzles via

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Most pumps that are used with fountain jets have a diverter valve. This allows a part of the flow to flow through the biofilter and the remainder to go into the fountain. For a great fountain effect, you must make sure that the pump is in line with the nozzle. Based on the pump you choose, the dimensions will differ. 

The stronger the pump is, the bigger will be its dimensions. Installing a powerful pump and large fountains in a small-sized pond can result in the loss of water due to wind blowing the fountain's spray outside of the pond. Keep this in mind. Utilize the diverter valve to manage.

Fountainheads are utilized in commercial and residential designs of fountains throughout the world. their beginnings go the past hundreds of years. They can create breathtaking water jets that fling up to a height of a few meters as well as more refined fountains that have a subtle design.