You need to know how to assess the performance of your salespeople and managers in order to improve their performance. Check out this blog article for some specific tips on evaluating their performance, including what to look for in a manager, what you should be looking for from the salesperson, and more!

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What to Look for in a Salesperson

There are many things to look for when assessing a salesperson's or sales manager's performance. Cleanliness and grooming, poise, confidence, ability to understand clients, listening skills, good communication, and follow-up skills are all important qualities for any salesperson. However, some of the most important qualities to assess are:drive, ambition, motivation and perseverance.

If you're looking for a motivated individual who is driven to succeed, then you should assess the salesperson's motivation. Ask the salesperson how he or she became interested in selling and what drives him or her to achieve success. Also, ask about any personal or professional obstacles that have been overcome in order to become successful in selling. Motivation is an important quality to look for in any individual, especially in a salesperson.

Another essential quality to look for in a salesperson is ambition. Ask the salesperson what goals he or she has set for himself or herself and whether those goals are realistic. In addition, ask the salesperson how he or she measures success in terms of company growth, territory expansion, or customer retention rates.