Monitoring your milk is one of the most daunting task. One can not do without the help of sophisticated devices. This device helps to monitor the status of cattle to maximize milk production. Saber milk sensor is a widely used software today.

It also helps to identify animals display behavior patterns of extreme and extreme changes in their production levels. With the help of this device you can be alert to the treatment of your livestock.

This automated solution provides several functions such as monitoring of activities, disease monitoring, measurement of milk production and milk quality monitoring. Automated system helps in improving the productivity and profitability of dairy owner.

Saber SCC sensor can monitor the animal’s body temperature and sends a signal to the veterinarian that the animal is ovulating. This saves time farmers. This allows farmers know exactly what is happening in each potential new mother cow.

The system also helps in milk results of milk quality measurement and monitoring solutions. It is based on the new monitoring technology, which measures the flow rate of milk production, milk quality and milk.

These automated systems also help the farm owners to monitor the farms animals. The usage of these automated devices to simplify the complicated tasks. With the use of these systems the labor costs gets reduced. This ultimately results in an increase in the profit ratio.