If you've been a bit naive there are only the remaining days to create your lasting Power of Attorney. You must submit it to complete the process, EPAs are replaced with Lasting Powers of Attorney.

If you are unable to function as a person due to dementia, you'll need someone else to oversee your financial, legal and health issues.

You can currently make an "Enduring Power of Attorney' meaning that someone you choose to manage your finances on your behalf. You also can search online companies of enduring powers of attorney consultancy in New Zealand to handle your legal procedure.

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You can create a lasting power of attorney. This allows you to select the person who will make decisions about your health and well-being and your financial affairs.

It is advisable to create an EPA in order to allow you to choose someone or several people who will act on your behalf now in the event that you want to and also in the future, should you be mentally incapacitated. This gives you the chance to decide on your future.

It can also allow your caregivers to take action for you when the time comes.It is possible to establish an EPA provided that you know the process and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the procedure.