The cost of a new driveway averages about $4,000. That price includes demolition of the old driveway, preparation of the subsurface, concrete delivery, forming and pouring the concrete and finishing. If you want a more stylish look and textured surface; tinted concrete options are available to boost curb appeal at an affordable cost. It’s important to hire the right flat concrete specialist in Los Angeles that can perform all of the tasks your project requires.

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Here are some tips to hire the best driveway contractors in Los Angeles:

  • Experience

While shopping around for driveway concrete services, look for companies with at least five years of experience. These businesses are better positioned to offer quality, reliable and consistent work. Experienced contractors have more practical knowledge within the field. Plus, they have had the opportunity to build a vettable work history and a loyal client base.

  • Customer Service

The best driveway concrete companies train their staff with a focus on interpersonal skills, clear communication and attention to detail. Company representatives should present a friendly demeanor and a willingness to spend as much time as needed discussing the project with potential clients. Avoid contractors who continually push back appointments, do not return phone calls or hesitate to answer questions.

These are some of things you need to consider when choosing the best driveway contractor in Los Angeles. There is no shortage of concrete companies, and they will always provide a free quote for your project.