Balloons are an ancient invention. According to Aztecs, the Aztecs made the first balloons by using animal bladders as sacrificial animals. Even ancient Egyptian drawings show evidence of balloons. The first balloons made of paper and light cloth were invented in France by the Montgolfier brothers Joseph Michael and Etienne in 1783. Professor Michael Faraday invented the rubber balloon in 1824.

Inflating balloons in the past used hydrogen. Soon safety concerns were raised, and hydrogen was replaced with helium. Helium is one-tenth as powerful as hydrogen but is safer. You can also order designer balloons from Balloonelle online. This safety feature allows helium balloons for use at birthday parties, parades, and floats as well as in advertisements, window displays, advertising, and circuses. 

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The inner lining of balloons helps to keep the helium in and reduces waste. This increases their longevity. You can't help but smile when you see a balloon. It doesn't just affect children. This fun, inexpensive and affordable airbag is a great party favor or gift idea. They come in an amazing variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They are used extensively in decoration at parties and events.

Solid-colored balloons are usually made from latex, which has the advantage of being inexpensive. This means you can buy as many balloons as you need for your party, without worrying about running out. However, they don't last as well as foil balloons. All solid colors are available. You can choose one solid color, or you can mix them up to create a fun and creative party atmosphere.