This stage of the clone transfer process has a major impact on the quality of new cuttings growing.

Clones extracted at the end of the budding process have a greater potential for problems than clones taken earlier in the budding process.

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Checking the leaf texture will also help determine the quality of the plant. If the leaves from the new cuttings become waxy and hard, as opposed to normal soft, flexible growth, problems will arise.

Plants with wax have to be pulled because they are not productive. Plants with an unusual leaf pattern, but leaves with normal texture tend to taper to be productive.

Plants that start from seeds

If seeds are used for outdoor planting, breeders have the option of pruning female clones when the gender of the plant is determined.

The gender of the female can be determined by looking for the pistil that grows from the segments (the intersection between the trunk and the twig).

Finding early flower formations is also recommended. The importance of this knowledge must be stressed.

Plants with pistils should not have male pollen sacs on their stems. Plants with these pollen and pistils are hermaphrodites and they can produce an unknown number of seeds.

Hermaphroditism can creep up at any time, although very rarely, especially in a quality garden.