There are a number of ways you can waste time, waste your money, and make sure that your dream of getting into a science-based field is shattered.

Only a small proportion of students studying organic chemistry really intend to become chemists. Many of them go into biology, medicine, pharmacology, or forensics. You can also take the best A level of chemistry tuition from twig.

Why it is a secondary mistake if following one or more of the suggestions below can leave you and your parents shaking their heads. You can make them wonder:

"What happened to our beautiful child?"

Belief in Organic Chemistry is the Hardest Course Ever Created:

You have to be a genius to get this. I have to know things that aren't even covered in class. How can anyone find out about all this? I can't believe it's so hard. I probably never will. I never will." go to medical school. "

It's a feeling that can be heard from time to time as they reverberate in the halls of the chemistry department: frustrated students take their frustrations out of the classroom. In some cases even professors. When you hear someone say this, you are doing yourself a favor. Think carefully about the source.

Contrary to what many reports, organic chemistry is often not the hardest course offered at the undergraduate level, often after poor grades. This is considered a level of difficulty suitable for a second degree or younger in almost any college or university offering courses.