The most easily affected period in the life of the dog is the first 12 weeks. Weaning took place at six weeks but there was still a lot for learning puppies from the mother and feces. Generally, puppies must remain with their mother until they are eight weeks. A little less than a puppy of a bigger stretcher and a little more for puppies from small stretchers. Eight weeks is generally an ideal time for puppies to move with their new family. Must do it before 11 to 12 weeks it runs out. If you want to get a teddy bear Zuchon, then you can check out the web.

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This will ensure that the most receptive and relaxed in his new home. Some farmers will keep puppies in their kettle, plan to show them, but dogs raised in cages do not always make the family dog ideal. Where is the best place to buy a dog? Advertise them on paper, dog shelter, pet shop. Your neighbors or farmers are a good source of buying puppies. Healthy dogs are usually found by neighbors and from farmers.

Commercial breeders rarely provide the right environment for puppies to develop. Excellent farmers have parents who are checked for health and potential Hereditary before marriage and puppies research before sales. Honest and reliable farmers are very proud to show you the mother of a puppy. If the mother is not there you have the right to suspect.

If a puppy is raised in a cage rather than the home development may be slower. Always check Puppy medical records and ask whether puppies have started learning and other inoculation. Dog protection can be a good source for buying dogs. If you buy one of these dogs, ask whether it is lost or submitted. Deviant men often have a strong boost to roam.