Thumb sucking is a normal and natural thing that babies can do. Kids have a general sucking reflex, and many of them already have it in the womb. This is an important reflex, as it quite simply helps them feed.  

Studies show that babies start to lose their sucking reflex at 6 months of age, and if they continue to suck their thumb after 4-6 years, it becomes more difficult to break the habit because it is emotionally grounded and twisted into a habit or addiction. You can also buy the best thumb sucking tool through various websites.

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Here are some ways that can help your child to stop thumb sucking

Stay positive and be patient

Try to be patient with your little one. Resist the urge to take his thumb out of his mouth as this can create negative feelings and associations with thumb sucking.

Especially in older children, this can leave them feeling embarrassed and frustrated and not help them to give up as it pushes them into the most important tool for calming down – thumb sucking! 

Identify triggers and limit them

Children often suck their thumbs when tired, bored, or sad. Some can be triggered by watching TV, long car trips, etc. So while you are trying to break the addiction try and stay busy, keep him excited, and get lots of sleep so he isn’t overtired. You can even offer a lovie or blanket that will tell him that he isn’t alone, and give the possibility for extra cuddles at bedtime.