Two things that distinguish conventional water softeners from others are their size and features.


When purchasing a water softener, it is important to choose the correct size. You should choose a fabric softener that will meet your household needs but is not necessarily that large or expensive. You can also buy commercial water softening systems online through good websites.

The problem is not in its physical size but in its ability to get rid of the "hardness" minerals from water without regular regeneration. Softeners come in a variety of sizes, measured by the number of grains of water hardness that can be removed between regenerations. The softener is preferably able to cope with periods of higher than normal water consumption.

Features and Controls

Before buying a water softener, find out about its controls and functions. For example, check the regeneration cycle control, the duration of each cycle, and the amount of salt and water needed to refill. Note that even with the fully automatic type, the salt must be refilled from time to time.

Finding the best softener company

Check for two offers. Make sure they have the same considerations as service level, regeneration cycle, control type, and warranty for control valve and resin tank.

It is best to decide on an established company so you will receive a quality product guaranteed by a company that has been in the business for quite some time.