Dubai now has a wealth of different property developers, and a selection of properties here are all the better for it. But despite the best efforts of Damaac, Vakson, ETA Star, and others, it is still two big boys who get the most mention. I am of course referring to the Dubai property giant Emaar and Nakheel.

If there is a development that is causing a complaint and generates high-interest rates, the possibility of one of the two will have something to do with it. Both Nakheel and Emaar continue to dominate the market and keep free property here, so it must be doing something right! For more information, you can search for nakheel properties via

Emaar kicked everything off for the Dubai freehold property market when it comes to planning the Dubai Marina. Emaar is the main developer behind a major project which now includes the building of a number of other property developers, the results of which come together to form one of the hottest properties around.

They continue to build on this good start, and now behind the liver, Downtown Burj Dubai development, which became the center is, of course, the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai! Emaar is also responsible for the completion of the first freehold project in Dubai, Greens, which is still very popular today.

Emaar has put a strong focus on building villas, with The Springs, The Meadows, Arabian Ranches and Emirates Hills prestigious all do them. Needless to say, they have become a major driving force in the Dubai property market since the beginning, and look set to continue in this way.