Responsible document destruction is as important to your business as any other aspect. This is the final step in the document lifecycle and should be done with care from start to finish.

Currently, basic document fragmentation alone is not enough, especially when it comes to sensitive documents that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands.

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For this reason, many companies around the world are turning to professional institutions that specialize in archiving, managing, storing, and destroying documents.

This facility provides an accessible, reliable and convenient solution and ensures that all unused and unwanted documents are properly destroyed.

But the question is: which documents should you destroy? And which ones can you dispose of the old-fashioned way?

As a general rule, destroy all documents in your company that you no longer use, especially those that contain any of the following information:

• All phone numbers

• SIM number,

• passport number,

• All information about the educational history of the client or employee (including all copies of accreditations, certificates, etc.),

• Employment information (especially about salary, address, etc.),

• Debit and credit card numbers (if known to cause fraud),

• bank account address,

• data on all insurance contracts,

• Broker account information.

All of this may seem relatively simple. However, there are many types of documents that companies do not destroy because they are considered harmless. Unfortunately this did not happen.