Drinking water consisted of water molecules, as well as a variety of substances. It has different properties, one of which is easily dissolve other substances. Every time it rains, the water that falls to the ground dissolve the particles, solids and gases such as oxygen, which is present in the atmosphere.

Rain water dissolves contaminants also visible in the air. Surface water flowing in the soil dissolves many different substances – such as microorganisms, minerals, organic matter and sand particles. If you are looking for waste water treatment then you can browse https://byjas.com.au/.

Water treatment plant

Here it comes in contact with rocks and soil, causing it to have a large amount of dissolved minerals. Agricultural and industrial waste, as well as the discharge gutter is a human activity that allows pollutants enter to enter the water.

Water has the ability to cleanse itself. During the biological process, contaminants are removed from the water. The current water settles into the soil, subsoil bring the filtration.

Contaminants either damaged, or left on the soil. However, the self-cleaning ability of the water is not enough to produce clean water for drinking. This is due to the agricultural and industrial contaminants that have entered and accumulated on the surface and groundwater for decades.