In a world where so much communication takes place online, personal security and our business is constantly under threat. We save so much information online and often pay attention enough to put in place and update security measures that protect our business and personal data.

For cyber security information you can check various online sources. What is the real risk and we really need the services of cyber security companies?

Imagine a detrimental effect if your company becomes the target of cyber attack. Not only can financial and business data was stolen, but in many cases valuable information about your clients, suppliers and partner organizations.

Large enterprises face significant attacks every few days, which led to a loss of funds and the data. However, most businesses are struggling to keep up with updated security measures.

The biggest cause of security breaches come from employees, who are often unaware of the potential outcome of simple actions. This includes the transfer of information between home and work computer via USB stick, use a weak password for unlimited access to the data and log into the social media sites on work computers.

PWC survey showed that 36% of the worst violations are the result of human error. Nevertheless, 42% of large organizations surveyed do not provide security training for their staff.

So consider what security protection you have in place. Constant technological developments, such as their skills with good IT skills to hack, or protect against hackers. Security protection needs to be updated regularly to remain effective.