Motorized retractable awnings are popular because they allow for more outdoor space and can be used to shade their windows. The motorized retractable awning can be easily opened and closed by one person.

Some people simply love the motorized retractable umbrella because it doesn't require them to attach a permanent, non-retractable canvas awning. You can visit this site to find various retractable awnings. 

Modern motorized retractable umbrellas are made of strong, waterproof, and woven acrylic that won't fade. You don't need to worry about snow accumulation, unlike other permanent awnings. They can be taken down in winter and left up throughout the year.

Retractable awnings allow you to enjoy the sun on certain days, shade on hot days, and still have the ability to host a barbecue in rainstorms. Awnings can be a great way of reducing energy costs. 

Many people find that adding window shades can significantly reduce their utility bills. Motorized retractable awnings such as the SunSetter Screen Room allow you to add insect-screen protection to your patio or deck so that you can enjoy your outdoor space at any time.

SunSetter is a top-selling brand of motorized retractable umbrellas. They also offer free awning idea kits and a DVD. There are many EasyShades, Window Awnings, Patio, or Deck awning options. 

SunSetter retractable umbrellas come with a 5-year warranty. They are often featured on TV advertising. SunSetter Oasis is a freestanding product that provides shade for additional areas outside your home. It can be used to shade a picnic area or swimming pool.