You should always ask three questions before loading a plumbing company or a contractor:

1. Are they allowed?

2. Is their work insured?

3. What are the qualities of the materials they use?

Why is a plumbing license important?

A plumber without a license is like a sink without a drain. A plumbing entrepreneur must always be allowed to perform the work he is rented to do, whether by a company, an owner, or a contracting company for MEP design

Plumbing is a field that requires some knowledge of piping, piping materials, inputs and outputs, water pressure and low pressure, and complete knowledge of the piping design.

Is the work of the plumber insured?

A licensed plumber is rarely unable to provide a type of insurance for the work done. This is another important factor. Although most plumbing designs are similar, all facilities are not performed in which plumbing work is done is standard. 

This is usually the case when a new layout arrangement will be installed in a new structure. If problems should arise due to a defective installation, the customer naturally wants that certain types of insurance to cover plumbing work. 

Checking the quality of the materials used

Checking the quality of materials before recruiting a plumber can be a little delicate if the customer did not know the standard material types used. 

For example, if a plumber will replace a new bath with new fittings and new piping, it may be a good idea to learn about the general qualities of the materials used for that. 

Pre-knowledge is better than regretting the decline that it is expensive plumbing problems. This is particularly important given the main types of materials available.