If you have checked the cost of solar panels to be installed on your home, you would have got an estimate of the amount of money you would have to spend. But, that is not where the entire story ends. There are several other types of equipment that make a part of a residential solar panel installation system

The following is the list of all the other components required with their features:

1. Mounting Racks

• Solar panels can be installed on your home's roof or as a stand-alone system.

• A few racks would have to be bought depending upon the number of panels.

• The types of racks are different for the roof-mounted and ground-mounted Solar Panel Installation.

Residential Solar panel installation system

2. Inverter

• An inverter is required to convert the DC flow of current to AC that is generated by the solar panel.

• The inverter also acts as the point where additional electricity can be sent to the utility.

• Inverter can also be used to charge the storage batteries.

• For a more durable system, you can also use Weather-proof inverters.

3. Storage Batteries

Battery backup is used to supply the power when there is no availability of sunlight. If you install a storage battery, it would be required to have a DC Disconnect as well. Its main task is to disconnect the batteries and the inverter if there is any need for servicing.

5. Meter

You can keep track of the performance of the solar panel with the help of a meter. You can get details like the system output and the capacity of the storage batteries.