If you are an entrepreneur, lighting your building can be important for a number of reasons. When you own a business, you want to make sure that your products have appropriate and attractive lighting. 

When you run an office, you want to make your work environment as productive as possible for employees and as attractive as possible for incoming customers. You can also visit https://americanholidaylights.com/ to know more about commercial lighting.

When running a restaurant, you want the dining area to have the atmosphere your customers want while the kitchen is well-lit so your staff can do a good job. When it comes to commercial lighting, you have many options to choose from.

Fluorescent lights

fluorescent lighting is one of the most common choices for many business environments. They stand out for their effectiveness and last longer than any other option on the market today. Standard fluorescent lights come with up to four light bulbs and you can adjust the amount of light you need in your interior.


This option is a long standby mode for many commercial lighting services. These lights have been around for decades. They can be used in lamps, low beams, and a variety of other lighting fixtures. 

Recently, they have been used much less in favor of fluorescent options due to their inefficiency and short life. However, today there are newer options that are much more effective and last longer than the older options.