Today's modern fashion is no longer just a standard white shirt. More options have been expanded to include more colors and styles while it remains a classic choice. Men's shirts are common in men's wardrobes, they can be elegant, casual, formal or add personal style.

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This type of clothing in a men's suit is considered luxurious, because it also indicates wealth, the shirt itself eventually becomes fashionable. According to the story, the men's shirt collar became the most modern and defining element of the shirt as it was styled and decorated with ruffles and lining in layers of lace, silk and fur.

The general function of the shirt is to cover the upper body, but also to show the individual's social status, style and formality. Men's shirt suits have essential features, namely collars, badges and cuffs.

There are many different styles in collars, but the most common is a lightly floured collar that folds into a tie and only extends about an inch and a half to the neck. Badges, referred to as a series of buttons, can vary widely in width, decoration and type of buttons.

From time to time, the entire plate is covered with another cloth. The cuffs are usually smooth or French; A simple cuff has the ends overlapping to secure it, while a French cuff has both ends squeezed together and secured with the cuff.