Fold down clothes lines are the most space friendly clothesline. When they are in use they take up only a few metres diameter and when they are no clothes on them they fold down almost flat against the wall. There are also long narrow versions available to go on pathways if you don’t have much space.

You can check out for clotheslines that are generally mounted onto the wall so they are out of the way of the main garden. It makes garden games a lot easier if no one if dodging the clothes line. Some fold down clotheslines can be mounted on a post, you may need to order this separately, do check when you are buying yours.

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They are easy to use. Fold down clothes lines simply foldout and lock in place when needed, then they can easily fold back when you are finished. They can be mounted at a height to suit your comfort so you don’t have to strain when hanging your washing, Disabled or frail users will find this especially useful.

Fold down clothes lines save heaps on electricity bills. The electric drier uses more electricity than most other household appliances. By switching to a fold down clothesline you will save money and help save the environment too. Think of how much less electricity you’ll use over the years.

Drying your clothes naturally on a fold down clothes line is very good for fabric. It is the best way to dry clothes. The sun and the breeze dry clothes gently leaving them soft and smelling fresh. You’ll love the difference.

If you would like to order your fold down clothesline on line there is a great range available in a variety of colours and some companies will even install them for you. Check out the different makes available, you may find some special features that you like and think about what size you need as there are a variety of sizes available.