The extremely delicious, succulent taste of black truffle salt makes it a one-of-a-kind culinary delight. Made from pure Pacific Ocean Sea Salt mined from the Truffles deposit in the Venetian Mountains, this delectable table salt can only be found in select parts of the world. However, the wonderful fame of this exotic variety of salt is rapidly spreading all over the world. And its popularity is not at all surprising anymore. The flavor of truffle-like many of the best ingredients known to man is known for being delectable, rich and creamy. Unmatched by any other variety of salt on earth, the dark purple gemstone from the Truffles mines of Italy is sure to be an unforgettable part of your family's meals for years to come.

The extremely pungent taste of Italian black truffle sea salt makes it an extremely popular salt for many culinary uses. Used in preparing a variety of dishes, including pizzas, pasta sauces, salads, meat dishes, desserts, vegetable dishes and fish dishes, the salt adds a unique characteristic to these dishes that makes them different and distinctive. Also, used as a high finishing salt in many recipes, the naturally occurring earthy flavor of the salt gives them a distinct flavor all on their own. Truly the perfect seasoning for any dish, it leaves the dishes you prepare with a unique taste and delightful appearance.

In addition to being a great table salt, Italian black truffle salt also makes a wonderful salt for baking. The incredibly rich earthy flavors of the salts are perfect for making breads, crackers, cookies and pastry desserts. Used as a topping on pizzas, baked goods, pasta sauces and soups, it provides a wonderful texture to these dishes and leaves them with a delicious appearance and flavor. Another use for this earthy sea salt is in the cooking of fish which uses it as a method to add a rich flavor to the dish without overwhelming it.

Not only is Italian black truffle sea salt a delightful table salt, it has long been favored by the cookbook authors as an ingredient for many of their recipes. In fact, many of today's top chefs actually use it as a preferred seasoning for their cooking efforts. The reason this seasoning works so well as an ingredient is because of its ability to provide a wide range of flavor from the very subtle to the extremely pungent. Used in the most intricate of recipes, it provides a unique way to take an otherwise ordinary dish and turn it into something completely different. For example, the addition of just a pinch of it to tomato sauce or shrimp stock can result in a dish that is light and fresh, while adding a kick of flavor to grilled meats or seafood.

The earthy flavor in Italian black truffle sea salt comes from a variety of sources. Most often, it is produced by curing the oregano leaves until they are almost black in color. This is then exposed to the air and allowed to dry. What is left behind is a mineral mixture known as feldspar which results in the mineral structure of the salt. This in turn gives the salt its characteristic dark color. Because of this, the veins in the salt tend to be irregular in shape and this creates an earthy aroma that some find quite pleasing.

Another reason this earthy flavor is so popular is due to the way it is used in cooking. In addition to being a popular addition to tomato sauces and stews, it also has a very nice taste in salty dishes like fish stews and even desserts like ice cream. It does not change the flavor of the food, but it adds a wonderful texture and unique aroma.

There are several manufacturers of black truffle salt available on the market today. Each brand has a different formula and a different way in which it is made. While some use the classic method of curing the oregano leaves, others have a unique process that involves using a chlorophyll solvent. Both methods result in different minerals that give the salt its signature earthy flavor aroma.

In summary, there is no doubt that truffle salt is an extremely enjoyable addition to many foods. Its distinctive earthy smell makes it distinctive, yet complementary to a wide variety of flavors. As you look for ways to enhance the various foods and flavors you enjoy most, consider adding a pinch or two to your next dish.