Laser engraved crystal is a great unique graduation gift.. This is the best way to recognize and honor the hard work and achievements of the graduates. Here, I will provide you with five laser engraving perfect designs for a unique graduation gift. You can discover more details about 3d subsurface laser engraving through

Best Laser Engraving Designs

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Laser engraved crystal is a crystal glass with engraving in it. Engraving inside the crystal creates the illusion of a floating image, really interesting. Laser engraved crystals are often used for the award, which is great for this kind of honor events like graduations.

1. Let's start with a basic design that is often used for graduation. It is the only combination of graduation picture, date or year of graduation, and graduate name. Although this combination is simple, they will make great graduation gifts and unique.

2. If you want to go for something sentimental, you might like this design. You really can build up in the first end. Just take the same idea as the first end and add a poem or dedication or even a famous quote.

3. You can also create a laser engraved crystal awards to graduates. You might want to get a graduate school logo to make your "appreciation" more realistic. This is a fun and creative way to tell the celebrant how proud you are of his actual achievements.

4. The design of another large laser engraving for a unique graduation gift is crystal greeting cards. I like to call the design of this unique graduation gift as crystallized Graduation Wishes. This design is great for large families or groups.