The main function of a business card is to provide your personal information. Being in the entertainment business, it is very important to have a different business card and to talk a lot about yourself and your work.

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Your business card must contain basic elements such as your name, contact number and the service it provides. You have the option of entering other personal information, such as your address and landline number.

If you are looking for a great business card design, you will be amazed at the many options you have. In addition to the colors and materials, the orientation of the business cards can also be changed to suit your preferences.

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Currently, there are two options based on orientation: horizontal and vertical layout.

As the name implies, the horizontal and vertical layout is different when presenting the information. Although the vertical design will look more creative, there isn't much you can do when choosing a style. The horizontal layout is best for you if you prefer business cards with only the most basic information. For example, just your name and number.

On the other hand, vertical business cards allow more freedom by having to put details such as logos or graphic images. For example, dancers can put pictures of dancers; musicians can put musical notes, etc.