There are various types of filters used in the industry today. Compressed air filtration is one of the most common and most important of filtration in the industrial market today. This article will focus on filters for compressed air systems. This type of filter is very important for many applications such as removing solid particulates in the water, oil from compressed air systems. 

Investments in the most reliable filter for your air compressors will prevent you from finding a lot of short and long-term problems with compressed air equipment and will save far downtime and replacement parts in your compressor.There are manufacturers who offer delta gauges as a part of the filter assembly; This shows a decrease in pressure and increasing pressure across the filter.

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An increased pressure drop indicates that the filter element does its job to trap and suspend debris, removing it from the airflow and the compressed air system itself. On the other hand, a decrease in pressure drop means that the filter element is close to the blockage. The dirty air, the faster you will be clogged.

Contaminated compressed air filter elements will cause air supply problems is not enough and are often caused by the element air filter becoming clogged and it chokes the air supply. In the case of the air tool or application not getting enough air pressure, check the filter element. 

Chances are it needs to be cleaned or replaced depending on the type. Following strict time table maintenance will keep the problem to a minimum.