Winemaking can be done at home using the basic winemaking steps. The steps are selection and extraction, fermentation, clarification and stabilization, and aging.

1. Selection and extraction

Choosing the best quality grapes and harvest in its best state is the first thing in wine making. At home winemakers may have a hard time in the sourcing and selection of the best quality grapes because we can buy in small quantities according to our needs. If you want to join professional wine making course, then you can visit

Once you have found and collected the best grapes, the extraction process begins. The process can be done the extraction by pressing or with the use of extractors. You can also use boiling or soaking to extract the flavor of the fruit. The liquid or sludge formed by the juice, liquid, seeds, and skin is known as a must.

2. Fermentation

The fermentation of the grape is the second wine manufacturing phase. During fermentation, several factors are controlled and managed by winemakers such as the amount of yeast, the temperature, the type of container and the contact time with the grape skins which can all affect the quality of the wine.

Even the smell of the mud or must is controlled by mixing certain nutrients in the mixture so that it is less acidic and to prevent mixing with other acidic flavors.