Marketing and advertising are changing fast mode. In fact, technological advances open up new avenues to reach your customers and clients. The latest development in this arena is the mobile ad.

Definitions may vary from person to person. But one thing is common to all; this is the approach of the long distance to reach the target group with some product or service even when the target moves. You can also check out here to get more information about mobile advertising.

This may be through a mobile phone network or possibly through a LAN (Local Area) and computer (Tablet PC) and is getting increasingly common and necessary for every company.

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Mobile advertising involves three parties to complete the process. They are advertisers (product or service), the publisher, and audience. More developers play their role to develop applications that are interactive software, which establishes the bridge between advertisers and viewers.

When advertisers desire to reach a group of people in real-time with the commodity or brand, he takes the opportunity of this marketing. He pointed to a mobile advertising company for help. The company is designing a campaign for its brand, product, or service and if advertisers accept, things rolling.

As mentioned earlier, this ad is an interactive tool. It may be a simple text or banner ad that is enriched graphics, which, when clicked leading end users to the landing page of the advertiser. The landing page guide customers to make a purchase or increase demand for advertisers.